Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College

Was rather astounded when I found out this place was abandoned and especially so after hearing it had been for over 6 years! Not only because this is on my doorstep but because it was a much talked about and well known school when I was a kid, with my own school and my mates schools often competing at football with them.
After getting over the initial shock it was time to get out for the first explore of the year and have a look at the damage. Access was a noob affair as me and 'Rusty' were both just that - rusty. Having not been out for a while the ninja senses weren't as finely tuned as they had been and we paced up and down in the dark looking for a chink. We had to find a few chinks in the end and I wasn't expecting the level of security for a place that was to turn out so trashed. Anyway, a bit about the place......
The school came into being in the form of a boys school, Cardinal Hinsley Grammar, and a girls school, Margaret Clitherow Grammar, in 1961. The girls’ school was initially run at a villa at St Joseph’s College and the boys’ school opened as an annexe to St Bede’s in an abandoned primary school in the village of Thornton. Three years later the schools moved on to the existing site of Yorkshire Martyrs. On the announcement of the closure after 49 years pupils were to be divided between two other city Catholic secondary schools, St Joseph’s and St Bede’s, as part of a restructuring programme by the Diocese of Leeds. Only the year 10's were to stay on an additional year so as to not upset their GCSE's.