Derelict Mill, Yorkshire

After getting a tip off about this old place and being a big lover of old mills, I set about arranging with someone to go with. It was to be a Friday and I only had 2 hours due to having work that afternoon. Also a dodgy time as there are a fair few businesses attached to the place and it was going to be busy. I had my bags ready when I got a text to say the other lad couldn't make it. Hmmm, decision time. Stay at home and nap until work or go on my first solo explore? I obviously went as you wouldn't be reading this now otherwise haha, BUT I must admit to being very apprehensive. I got there 90 mins later, dumped the car in the car park marked 'CUSTOMERS ONLY' and swanned off out of sight. Access is a real butthole if you're not sure exactly what you're doing but after a few scrapes with barbed wire and about half an acre of thorn bushes I was in!

Loved the place too, even though I freaked myself out a few times. Found some classic machinery and some really cool rooms but the best bit was getting lost on the way out and finding the control room. Whilst I took in the decaying delights of the instrument panel I heard voices. Not the kind of thing I wanted to hear especially after settling in for the last hour and a bit and getting used to the solitary. I froze and tried to detect where they were, and edged closer. Through a couple of rooms and round some corners I stealthed ever nearer until I saw them through a window - they were working in the yard outside and I breathed a sigh of relief as I ducked under the window and skulked back off to the exit. A few photos later and I made my escape. Couldn't have timed it better really as within 10 seconds of getting out 2 of the workmen came through the mill and out of a door below. Both looked at me but I just ignored them and carried on taking pics of the exterior, pretending I'd been doing that all along. Close call which made for a better explore :)