Snow Factory

Snow factory, so called because of the soda ash left behind from many years of production. An eyesore on the landscape to many, the works were built in the late 1800's and the site was chosen because of the 600 foot bed of salt that lay there. It ceased production in 2013 and the site, which lies in the middle of an island, and although still used for storage, remains largely derelict.
We knew this could be a tricky one if we weren't careful. There were reports of wagons coming and going infrequently and a security guy and his dog on site. Accessing a factory on an island with no access details was fun too but after a fair bit of climbing, hanging from trees to avoid barbed wire and a bit of fortune we got into the building. Security was nowhere to be seen but we still kept a beady eye out. The place was like a massive climbing frame and it was a fantastic industrial explore. Up until we got trapped in the admin offices by Mr Secca turning up and doing a drive round in his van! Safe to say we got out unseen and even gave him a smirk walking past the entrance to the site on the way back to the car :)