Prison Break

Not often you have to find a way into a prison. Weirdly though, that's the game we're in!
This was on the way back to Le Shuttle after a long weekend derping in Belgium. We'd saved the hardest til last really and we weren't too sure what to expect.....

Approaching the prison from the back was essential. The prison had closed a number of years back and the intention was to demolish it. Until the travelers moved on site. A large camp of them too. This was now their home and we had been warned prior to the visit to not expect a warm welcome should we encounter any of the Roma gypsies.
We found our way across the fields and through the thickets and the first wall. We were now in the grounds and more specifically the exercise yard, complete with basketball markings and hoops. If we weren't sure where to go next we were given a big clue. There was a disturbance and some panicky chattering about 200 yards away coming from the walls of the prison and as we looked over there were some young lads falling out of a hole in the wall like rats out of a sewer. As we stood and watched what was unfolding they ran across the yard and in our direction until they finally spotted us, all dressed in black, stood staring at them. They immediately froze like rabbits in the headlights. They had obviously run from something and had now run into us and were out of options. We had a go at asking them what the issue was but they were muttering in French and that ain't my strong subject!
We figured they'd been chased out of the prison and we had to assume who the culprits were. But nothing ventured and all that. The hole was a nice size and I've squeezed through much smaller but there was a climb up some piping on to the next floor before we were really in. A nice long corridor welcomed us and at the end the silhouettes of 2 gentlemen in a defensive stance waiting for us. There was very little hesitation. There's 2 of them, there's 5 daft English lads. It's no contest! We marched up, looked them in the eye and with a nod and a "How do!" we proceeded to get our tripods out. They shrugged and walked off and we never saw them again. We did however hear them racing motorbikes constantly round the grounds. I have to say this was a great explore and the wind was howling through the place and silently would open all the cell doors at once and then the air pressure would change and they'd all slam in unison. That made one hell of a bang and it did it at least once a minute for the entire time we crept around the place. Loved it!