Old Chapel (Permission)

After being left high and dry as the other half of AY was busy yesterday, I thought about having the day off. Nice lie in on a Sunday, chill out with a bacon butty and take the edge off a busy week...... Nah! Couldn't do it. Woke at 6am, drove to the petrol station, banged £15 in the derp-mobile and set off on my own to eye up a place that's been on my list for a while. On the way, I'm rubber necking at all sorts at the side of the road, and it's not long before I come across an old factory. Pull in, jump out, climb the fence, smile at cctv and in I go. Not much to see but it's nice creeping about on your own with the wind trying to lift the roof off and every little noise making you think you're not alone......
After the factory, and another 5 miles down the road, I pull up at the desired destination to find fences, caravans, police notices and dog signs. Hmmm. I find a hole in the fence and decide that the signs were overkill considering there's only an empty shell of a building there and the caravans are probably decoys. So I'm skulking through the wasteland and then trees and the old voice of doubt starts shouting really loud in my head. Loud enough to rouse any canines that might be there. I try and ignore him but he kinda has a point. What if there are dogs there. I won't be able to outrun them and get to the fence, that's pretty far away now. I'm off. I'll come back with someone I can run faster than!
On the journey here, I'd noticed a cool old building at the side of the road with obvious signs it wasn't occupied. There was however a nice big house next to it so it was risky. I pulled over and began having a neb about. After talking to a nice lady who was sporting an inside-out umbrella after losing a fight with the wind, I was advised to knock on the neighbours door to maybe find out a little more about it. Ivor, an immediately nice and welcoming guy, turned out to be the owner of said building, an old 150 year old chapel and Sunday school. He showed me round, I took pics, he spoke of the history and told me bits about his life and I stayed for a good hour. Such a nice bloke and I was glad I knocked on his door. This just serves to prove that sometimes it's just worth asking as you might get more than you bargained for. Thanks Ivor!