Malsis School

Malsis School located at a mansion known as Malsis Hall in the village of Crosshills, in North Yorkshire, England, was a co-educational independent pre-prep and preparatory school for pupils aged 3 to 13 years. The school was founded in 1920, and closed due to falling pupil numbers in 2014. Facilities at the school included 3 km mountain bike trail, 9-hole golf course, swimming pool, all weather pitch, rifle range, 40 acres of grounds and a Chapel with windows by the renowned stained-glass artist John Piper.

The school closed on 10 December 2014, when the final assembly started at 11 am and concluded at 1 pm. The next day the school trust went into administration with Ernst & Young of Leeds. The school's assets were auctioned off and the land and building sold by Eddisons, and having fully paid off its debts it passed into creditors voluntary liquidation and the company was finally dissolved on 4 August 2017 according to Companies House.

In January 2015, The Old Malsis Association (OMA) was formed to represent the views of school alumni from down the years.

Malsis Hall and its grounds have been sold to Seddon Construction, who have now started demolition of the modern buildings behind the Hall as part of their plans to create 70 new homes on the site and transform the former school building into a specialist rehabilitation centre. Proprietors Jonathan and Jamie Seddon were both former Malsis pupils in the 1980s.

I visited here a few times but the most memorable was on my own at 4 in the morning. Trying to find my way through a wooded area with no torchlight so as not to trip any sensors proved to be difficult. The usual way in inside had been screwed shut too since my last exursion so had to go through the basement which had me lost in the dark again! Then it was time to camp under the stairs until the first rays of light broke through the windows…..