Is The Future Bright?

We'd taken a trip to the seaside with the families one nice day in Summer and noticed this theatre sat looking glum and sad on the sea front. Obviously we had a walk round it to see if anything was open but no joy. We went home and looked up the history of the place. It looked like the place had served the town well in the past with famous bands playing there, but in more recent years had been used as a cinema and then closed. The beautiful architecture of the exterior was hidden behind a 70's facade and the reports from officials were that the interior was deteriorating and it would need to be demolished.
We woke up early one morning after a tip off from a local, and set off in the gloomiest of conditions. With the rain lashing down on the seafront, and in the dark, we took shelter at a bus stop until the local hobo had shuffled past us. With no else around due to the conditions we legged it to the front door which we found open and lights on inside. Expecting to bump into security or workers we wandered around on edge for ages before we discovered we were on our own. Contrary to other reports, the place was magnificent and it felt like we'd been transported back a 100 years!