Abandoned University - Euro Derp II

On our 2nd mini weekend tour of Belgium, this was the first place we hit. At 2 in the morning we arrived in what we were hoping to be a subdued city, nice and quiet so that no one could detect our lurking. Wrong! The city was buzzing with party goers and drunks and the particular street where we were to find our way in was probably the worst place to be. There were gangs roaming, squaring up, shouting and it was pretty intimidating and generally a no-go for getting out of the car. So we parked up the road and tried to bed down whilst the drunks peered in on their way home.
After it became apparent it wasn't settling down and at about 4am we decided to make a move. Only we took another way in, one that was easier at the time. After scaling a security fence we found an out building in the dark, climbed through the window and bedded down on what appeared to be a stage. Without a doubt the worst place I have ever 'slept'.
As light eventually entered the room an hour or so later we made our way round the various buildings but couldn't find the rooms we'd been told about. Turns out that this was because we hadn't taken the planned access point so didn't get to see the glorious admin block. To top it off, whilst we were exploring the rest of the old university, someone came and padlocked the massive 20 foot iron gates that were open the night before and locked us in! So cue 5 lads trying to scale the gates at 7am and make their escape whilst traders were opening their shops.