Black Friday Prints

I only advertise images once a year in the form of a calendar as I don’t do this for profit. Now and again when demand is high I will sell prints and this year there has been a lot of requests. There’s been requests for a book too but that is a different beast to tame!

I discovered when I did the huge exhibition at Left Bank in Leeds that images could be printed on a beautiful material called matte rag paper, and the ones exhibited were presented on this gorgeous Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper. I fell in love with it and won’t use anything else!


The guy I use, Andy, is as passionate about the prints he produces as I am about taking the image. I mean, I really wouldn’t go anywhere else. You can use the big print companies who can fire off roll after roll of images but it’s lacking the love, it really is. Go to the little guy, the one who survives on coffee all day and doesn’t take a break. The guy who absolutely loves what he does and believes in the beauty of art, the power of an image. Support that guy.

So here’s what goes into the print on your wall - A 5am start, a drive to an old building, a worried partner who can’t sleep properly until you’re home safe, a climb, a scramble, barbed wire, maybe a dog, hidng until security has gone past, a quick click of the camera button whilst the alarms are screaming, a quick escape, hours in front of a computer, editing into the night on a glass of whiskey, work the next day, a text marathon to Andy to see if he can accomodate your random print orders, the postage, the packaging, the worry until it arrives safe at it’s new home…… That’s in a nutshell. We love what we do.