A popular response to our hobby. So who are we and why do we do it?
Two mates from Yorkshire pretending we're young again and documenting it on the way. That's the short answer, here's a bit more on the appeal of the abandoned and derelict -

The old cliche of 'beauty in decay' is definitely one reason. The images that can be produced in the shell of a once grand building can be stunning. Lost heritage is another reason and once these buildings are gone, whether by the reclamation of nature or demolition, there's usually only these pictures that remain and explorers will be far more valued in the future when it's all gone than they are now! Lastly, the adrenaline buzz! Getting up before the sun to try and get past security and over fences to then try and find an access point, take your pics and get out without being caught is always a good way to spend your weekend and is extremely satisfying when you get the prize!

Hope you enjoy the images and thanks always for following!